Winter Trap League!

Winter Trap League will begin Sunday, January 26th. All club members are encouraged to join (even those without trapshooting experience). Departing from our typical team-based league, winter league will be an individual event. Each Sunday for 10 weeks, in conjunction with our scheduled open trap, individual shooters will record scores from a single game. After 10 weeks the scores will be added up and a winner will be named.

In addition, all winter league competitors will be included in a Lewis prize at the end of the season. Since we have not figured out an honest way to dethrone a certain club member who seems to always take the award for Top Gun, the Lewis will all but ensure that the rest of us can have some fun too.

To compete in Winter League, please sign up! There is a sign up sheet in the clubhouse on the post near the kitchen. Winter League will be $10 for the Lewis and $3 for each game of trap you play (or $40 total). If for some reason you cannot make a particular weekend, shoots can be made up on following weeks. For more information on what a Lewis Prize is, click here.

Good luck and safe shooting!