Winter Doubles Trap League

Sign-up sheet posted in club house 12/01/14

6 weeks starting Sunday January 25th 11am start time each week

Cost $10.00 Lewis entry per shooter

$7.00 or 2 trap card punches per week attended

Winter league will be doubles trap this year. Departing from our typical team-based league system winter league will be an individual event. All winter league competitors will be entered into a Lewis prize at the end of the season. The Lewis prize will help ensure that we all have fun and have a chance to win something even if you have never shot doubles before.

What is double trap ?

The layout of double trap shooting is similar to that of trap shooting. The shooter stands 16 yards behind the house. However two targets are released simultaneously from the house. They follow set paths (unlike regular trap), 35 degrees to left and right of center. The shooter takes one shot at each target. One full round of double trap is a total of 50 shots.