IFGA vs Danvers Fish and Game trap league

Now that we have the second trap field open, Danvers Fish and Game has challenged us to a friendly trap shooting league. It will last 5 weeks and each shooter will shoot two rounds per night (one at 16 yards and one handicap round randomly picked each week) We will shoot at Ipswich and Danvers. The starting date and day of week that it is going to be held is still to be determined. But it will start within the next few weeks, depending on the interest generated at both clubs.

We want to put a team together to represent Ipswich. There are no limits as to how many people will be on the team, so anyone that is a member of the club, and wants to shoot feel free to sign on. anyone who shoots can be any skill level, it doesn’t matter. the best five scores from each team will go against each other each week. First team to win Three weeks takes it.

There will be a signup sheet posted in the clubhouse on the pole right as you go in the main doorway.

This should be a lot of fun and a great way to practice and meet some fellow trap shooters from Danvers.