Dec 2020 meeting start times

December 2020 Monthly Meeting Communication  

Due to Current Covid-19 restrictions on meetings and the risk incurred by large gatherings we will again be limiting our “in person” meeting this month to new membership processing only.

This is the agenda for the evening of Monday December 7, 2020

Face coverings are required at all times, other than on current speakers.   

The meeting will not be in the clubhouse.  Please do not enter the clubhouse unless you have paperwork to turn in.  All others should wait outside of the clubhouse.

5:30 PM            New member applicants arrive.

  • Turn in membership paperwork and get on the agenda. 
  • Turn in of paperwork to happen in the clubhouse.
  • 2 candidates in the building at a time, working with 2 board members to hand in paperwork.  
  • All others wait outside / in their cars.

6:00 PM           Meeting of the membership starts, on the trap field.

  • Pledge of allegiance
  • All first readings
  • Second readings and vote.
  • Eric explains membership process next steps.
  • Hand out IDs

6:15 (ish)          Adjourn meeting.

All committee reports and drawing results will be sent out in e-mail.   If you have new business that will require a membership vote, contact the to arrange to get it on an agenda.