Resuming IFGA Meetings

On Sunday March 14th at 11:00 AM we will hold a meeting of the membership.  The meeting will be held outside on the IFGA front lawn.  This will be your first opportunity to purchase 2021 IFGA raffle tickets for $10 each.  First-come-first-choice of numbers.

For those not familiar with the IFGA raffle.  We sell only 250 tickets for the year.  Every month, May through December, we draw a $50 and $25 winner.  In December we also draw a $500 winner.  When a chit is drawn it is returned to the basket, allowing you to win multiple times if lady luck is with you!

Also, at this meeting we will resume the acceptance of new-member applications.  If you know someone that has been waiting to join, this is their opportunity.  New member candidates should show up 30 minutes early, @10:30, to go over their applications. 

All members and candidates should wear a mask and remain outside of the clubhouse except for the initial review of their paperwork.