Bowling Pin Shoot

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Two shooters go to the line and compete to see who can knock down five bowling pins from 7 yards with semi-automatic pistols or revolvers the fastest, without a Disqualification (knocking all pins down by hitting the Pin stand). This is a fun event for handgun shooters of all skill levels. 

What to Bring: 

  • $10 Cash or Check (written out to the Ipswich Fish and Game Assn. or IFGA)  
  • Eye and Ear Protection Mandatory while at the line.  
  • Pistols (any caliber up to and including S&W 500 or Desert Eagle 50) 
  • For semi-automatic shooters it is recommended to bring at least 2 magazines.  For those shooting revolvers speed loaders are recommended.
  • Ammunition: 
  • No steel core/armor piercing, tracer round or incendiary type ammunition.   
  • For any steel shoot events the ammunition must be under 2,800 FPS in velocity unless the ammunition is frangible.