Pin Shoot

Event Details

Pin Shoot:
Two shooters go to the line and compete to see who can knock down five bowling pins first from 7 yards with pistols or revolvers. This is a fun event for handgun shooters of all skill levels.
What to Bring:
* $10 Cash or Check (written out to the Ipswich Fish and Game Assn. or IFGA)
* Eye and Ear Protection Mandatory while at the line
* Pistols of any caliber
* Pistols shooters should bring 2 magazines
* No steel core/armor piercing, tracer rounds or incendiary type ammunition.
For all Events:
1. Members and guests must park in the upper lot or along the driveway. Tables will be set up at the range for firearms, ammo, and member staging. The committee will provide transportation of firearms, and ammo to the event staging area for members/guests that require assistance.
2. Members and their guests should report to the Clubhouse by 9:30 AM to register, complete and sign guest waivers, and pay the event fee.
3. All Event Safety Briefings (ESB) will be conducted promptly at 10:00AM. Late arrivals will not be able to participate until they have been briefed on the event details by an Event Range Officer.
4. Hearing and Eye protection are mandatory to participate in any Event.