Archery Range

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IFGA Paper Archery League Rules

Ipswich Fish & Game has a 100 by 50 yard outdoor archery range. We can accommodate as many as 8 shooters at a time. Weatherproof targets with a 3’ x 4’ backstop are set up at 10, 20, 30 and 40 yards. We also have 3D targets set up in the Spring, Summer and Fall. During the winter, the club’s archers continue to shoot, but utilize the indoor range. We can accommodate 3-4 shooters at a time and shoot at a distance of about 17 yards.

Throughout the year, we host Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Archery leagues spanning 6-8 weeks. Leagues a great way to meet other members with common interests, learn more about archery and try different types of bows. We also host occasional tournaments and open house-type events for members and their guests.

Junior archery is very important to the Ipswich Fish & Game. We are a member club of the USA Archery Association and their Junior Olympic Archery Development program. We are lucky to have a nationally ranked adult archer as a club member who instructs members’ children. We are an active member of USA Archery’s Junior Olympic Development (JOAD) program. We host clinics for children throughout the year and periodically help them to participate in national tournaments, some hosted at our own club.

If you are interested in developing or refining your archery skills, become a club member and a member of the Archery Committee. The Committee oversees the ranges and organizes archery activities throughout the year.