Fishing Pond

Ipswich Fish and Game has a spring fed pond which is a great resource for IFGA members. The club pays annually to stock the pond with trout. There are other species, mainly bullhead, living in the pond along with predator animals (snapping turtles, otters, birds of prey etc.). 

The pond rules and guidelines were updated in 2023 and aim to: 

  • Maximize enjoyment of the stocked trout 
  • Allow harvesting of non – trout species 
  • Encourage youth engagement in the outdoors 

As always members’ understanding and adherence to the spirit as well of the letter of these rules is appreciated. 

Target Species  Allowed Methods  Take Limits 
Trout  Persons 13 and over – Artificial bait only.   

Children under 12 – Any bait 

1 fish per member per day 


Bullhead & Other Species  Any   All 

Barbed hooks are allowed. All anglers are encouraged to use methods which maximize the survival rate of any fish released including but not limited to the use of circle hooks for bait fishing.  

Use of the pond is limited to non-range hours, before 10AM and after sunset.