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Ipswich Fish and Game Association meetings on hold this winter

As the Covid-19 numbers continue to grow, we at the Ipswich Fish and Game Association have chosen to cancel in-person meetings of the membership until further notice. 

The winter months tend to be slower for the IFGA.  With this in mind we will not be accepting applications for membership until sometime after February.  When we work out the logistics of starting in-person meetings again we will communicate more specifics.  For now we ask you to bear with us as we figure out how to do this best. 

This change in meetings does not impact the general availability of the club resources.  All ranges continue to be available for use in accordance with normal IFGA range use rules.

What is changing:
The January meeting of the membership will be virtual.  The only planned business will be to vote on new members from the December meeting. We will provide meeting information when the time comes closer.

We will not be accepting new member applications until in-person meetings of the membership resume.

We do not plan to hold a meeting of the membership in February, in person or virtual.  

Thank you for your understanding as we navigate this new territory,   Ipswich Fish and Game Association Board of Directors    


Q:  I have a friend or family member that wants to become a member.  Can I have them mail in an application?
A:  No.  They should not sent in an application at this time.  

Q:  I have already begun the membership process.  How will this impact me?
A:  Your ID process will continue as expected.  We will be completing all “second readings” in the January meeting of the membership, which will be held virtually.  

Q:  I have new membership IDs waiting for me to pick them up.  How do I get them?
A:  Contact the club secretary to arrange to have the IDs made available to you.  Any pending orders for guest-IDs-only are complete and are available to pick up at your convenience from the big corkboard in the main room of the IFGA clubhouse.  

Q:  How does this impact the winter archery league or open trap in the meantime?
A:  Officials from those venues will provide communications as they look at options.  The only hard limit is no gatherings of more than 25, even outside.   

Dec 2020 meeting start times

December 2020 Monthly Meeting Communication  

Due to Current Covid-19 restrictions on meetings and the risk incurred by large gatherings we will again be limiting our “in person” meeting this month to new membership processing only.

This is the agenda for the evening of Monday December 7, 2020

Face coverings are required at all times, other than on current speakers.   

The meeting will not be in the clubhouse.  Please do not enter the clubhouse unless you have paperwork to turn in.  All others should wait outside of the clubhouse.

5:30 PM            New member applicants arrive.

  • Turn in membership paperwork and get on the agenda. 
  • Turn in of paperwork to happen in the clubhouse.
  • 2 candidates in the building at a time, working with 2 board members to hand in paperwork.  
  • All others wait outside / in their cars.

6:00 PM           Meeting of the membership starts, on the trap field.

  • Pledge of allegiance
  • All first readings
  • Second readings and vote.
  • Eric explains membership process next steps.
  • Hand out IDs

6:15 (ish)          Adjourn meeting.

All committee reports and drawing results will be sent out in e-mail.   If you have new business that will require a membership vote, contact the to arrange to get it on an agenda.

Nov 2020 meeting to start at 5:30 PM

The November Meeting of the Membership will start at 5:30 PM on Monday 11/2.  We will be meeting outside, under the trap lights.  As the local Covid-19 numbers start to climb we want everyone to feel and be safe coming to the IFGA.  If you choose to attend the meeting, please wear a mask at all times unless addressing the meeting to be heard from an acceptably socially distanced position. 

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for last minute updates to our schedule, should they be needed.

Oct 2020 meeting at 5:30 PM

The IFGA will hold its October membership meeting outside, on the IFGA lawn again this month.  To avoid complete darkness we will start the meeting 90 minutes early, at 5:30 PM.  We look forward to seeing you there. 

Club web site:


September 2020 meeting to be held on August 31st.

September 2020 meeting to be held on August 31st in order to avoid the Labor day holiday. The meeting will be held out doors on the IFGA lawn, as will future meetings until it is safe to hold an indoor meeting again.

For the most update to date meeting plans and status, please see our IFGA Facebook group.

2020 Annual meeting postponed to 7/20

The 2020 IFGA annual meeting has been postponed to Monday 7/20 because of weather. The ranges orientation event, normally scheduled for 7/20 will be postponed to Monday 7/27.

May’s Member’s meeting

Due to the COVID-19 and State mandate we have moved May’s meeting to July 13 @ 6:30 PM. If things change again we will update you.


Dear IFGA Members and Families,  

In response to the covid-19 outbreak, State and Federal regulations, IFGA is suspending all Group activities at the club.

This will include the April Members Meeting. We will conduct the regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting April 4th, However, the monthly Membership meeting and Annual Election will be postponed and will be held at our next scheduled May meeting, 5/4/2020 6:30 pm.

Please note that the Club will remain open for use to include the Rifle / Pistol Range, Archery Ranges and  the Pond. Trap will be suspended until further notice, due to the group size. 

Please follow recommended guidelines and use caution around others. Please stay home if you are not feeling well. This will pass and we will resume activities as usual. We will keep you updated.

We should take advantage of this time we have with our families and get outside and enjoy the spring weather. 

             Stay safe

             Jeff Brown


Massachusetts / Federal Gun Law & Regulation for the MA


JON GREEN of GOAL will be hosting

December 11th from 6-9:30 PM

IFGA Members are free. Guests are $10. (IFGA Members will have first priority)

Signup sheet is located at the club near the office door.

This 3 ½ + hour long seminar explains state and federal laws and regulation in layperson terms. Students will explore applicable MGL and CMR as it pertains to definitions, gun purchase, possession, transport, record keeping requirements, buying/selling, interstate transport, interstate purchase, ammunition storage and best practices for gun owners.

Jon Green has been the Director of Education and Training for Gun Owners’ Action League since 1999. He served on the NSSF Range Advisory Committee for 4 years and has owned and managed FFL 01 Businesses. He has taught similar classes to thousands of citizens, hundreds of Mass State Police BFS Certified Instructors, Massachusetts Hunter Education Instructors and Massachusetts Environmental Police Officers

IFGA Centennial Party

You are cordially invited to the Ipswich Fish and Game Centennial celebration and Veteran’s Memorial Flag dedication. On the weekend of September 14, 2019, the IFGA will have events, music and food to celebrate the Association’s one hundredth anniversary. This event is open to our neighbors and surrounding community.

IFGA was organized in 1919 to promote the responsible enjoyment of hunting, fishing, target shooting and other forms of outdoor sporting recreation. The organization has grown to offer all types of firearms education, resource preservation, environmental conservation and education.

Historically, the IFGA had its roots deeply secured by returning doughboys from WWI. President Woodrow Wilson and the American people had no desire to enter into the European conflict but upon the sinking of the RMS Lusitania and other events, the President secured Congress’ vote to enter the war. America was ill prepared for war with only 200,000 troops and many with no marksmanship training. Marksmanship training commenced and within months the US had close to two million troops ready for the war in Europe. After the war the American Legion, the VFW (which began in 1899), and many clubs like IFGA were started to promote marksmanship and camaraderie.

The Ipswich Fish and Game Association has roughly 450 members that include individuals and families interest-ed in outdoor events, marksmanship in rifle, pistol, trap, archery and fishing. Lobster bakes, barbeques and cookouts are family events that draw hundreds to the club house and the Association’s facilities.

It is important for us to continue to be a part of the community by offering first aid courses, firearms training and certification, outdoor camping and survival training for youth, and to be a place to welcome new members to the benefits of outdoor recreation.

We hope you can make it to the IFGA celebration to meet our members, their families, other dedicated members of the community and enjoy some camaraderie and good food.

The flag dedication ceremony will take place at 11 AM with family events to follow.

You may RSVP to


The Ipswich Fish and Game Centennial Committee